Three Line Tales : The Thrift Store Cat Whisperer

three line tales week 103: a sanitation van in front of pink graffiti

photo by Hans Vivek via Unsplash


Hey, Danny, look! See that old lady? The one pushing her world in a shopping cart. Thrift store clothes, shoes held together with string – your everyday homeless old bag, right? Keep watching.

Isn’t that the weirdest thing you ever saw? How many are there – five. … ten … sixteen … twenty-four I make it. Twenty-four stray cats all after the same hobo like she’s got fish tacos sewn in the lining of her coat. She talks to ’em too, says some weird garbled crap that sure ain’t English. Sal says she gives ’em all names, that they sit round and listen like they’re in elementary school and she’s the teacher. But Sal says his mom was abducted by aliens, so …

Sure see some weird shit in this job.


Written for Three Line Tales. See the pic and write a story. See here to read and share.


7 thoughts on “Three Line Tales : The Thrift Store Cat Whisperer

  1. The tone of this is done well, the ignorance of the narrator really comes across. I can’t help but think about the crazy cat lady on the Simpsons but that later, they showed there was a reason she became that way, despite her hilarity. There’s nothing wrong with wearing thrift store clothes, the right people can find some excellent deals and brand name stuff to that are hardly worn for a small price. I kind of like the image of twenty cats following her, they’re strays too and she’s caring for them, feeding them I bet b/c no one else does. The narrator also makes me angry as her speaking her own language or not having good English isn’t a reason to shame her.

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    1. All true Amanda! I guess it’s easier for some people to mock what is unusual and what they don’t understand rather than work harder to understand it. And you’re right about the thrift store clothes. We call them charity shops here in the UK and I’m wearing a jumper right now I bought in one ages ago – it’s been a stalwart for me every winter for years! Those cats are interesting though – I wonder why they follow her? Thanks so much for taking the time to read and I do hope you’re doing well 🙂

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