Three Line Tales : The bright wink of the sea

three line tales, week 109: inside the wave

photo by Jeremy Bishop via Unsplash


Blue heat colours his dreams. Surf bubbling over crisp sands, hot winds shivering through palms and tufted seagrass, carving the dunes into serpents.

And she’s there, gazing out over the bay, brown body rippled as the beach beneath her feet. She turns, one hand stretched towards him, smile lost in the bright wink of the sea …

He wakes. It’s still dark. The display on his clock reads 03: 00 am. A gale batters the corrugated iron walls, joints creaking, rivets tapping in their sockets. The third day of the storm. Outside crisp snow is carved into serpentine dunes. He blinks and her smile is lost.


Written for Three Line Tales. Write a tale based on the prompt and share away. See here for how.

9 thoughts on “Three Line Tales : The bright wink of the sea

  1. Oh, that is so well written! Foreshadowing with ‘shivering’. Tying beginning to end with serpentine dunes of sand and snow and the lost smile. And such terrific description. You never use quite the word I expect, and your choice is always better, more distinctive than my expectation. I love the rivets tapping in their sockets!

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    1. Thank you Penny! So glad you picked out the tying together of snow and sand, the happy dream contrasting with sad reality. Must be this recent snow that inspired me! Thank you for your kind comments

      Liked by 1 person

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