Friday Fictioneers : The boy who powered New York



‘Now I know, Doctor Gordon.’

Gordon’s hands lay folded on her lap. She knew not to move too much or too suddenly during their chats. ‘What is it you know, Samuel?’

A light glowed behind his ashen eyes. ‘Why I’m always so tired.’

Beneath the worry lines and shadows, she saw the child trying to escape.

‘The city lights,’ he said, hands a blur, ‘they’re powered by my thoughts. Think of it all – the subway, the stores, the buildings. So much energy.’

Through the barred window, Gordon glimpsed a streetlight. The fat bulb blinked, guttered to darkness …


This piece of flash fiction was written for Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneers. See the pic, write, share, read and comment here.


69 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers : The boy who powered New York

  1. That’s SF from the great years, Lynn – only even better written than they were. I very much like the way you describe Dr Gordon being careful not to move quickly, and keeping her hands folded.


    1. Thank you very much Penny for the lovely, encouraging feedback. I wander around specfic, wondering which slot exactly fits me – urban fantasy, touches of sci-fi, fantasy. I enjoy them all to be honest. Glad you liked the quiet moment. Gordon know her subject well 🙂


    1. Thank you Rochelle. Although she understands him at one level, I think Dr Gordon has underestimated her patient – and may come to regret it! Thank you for reading


  2. It isn’t so much the story, it’s the subtle details that are so good in this, the uneasy doctor, the bars on the windows, the half-glances. You really know how to give depth to a story in a few words.


  3. I love the possibilities in this tale, Lynn. It can go off in a couple of completely different genres from this point. Nicely written.


    1. Thank you Bjorn. As you say, what a burden that would be – and how the energy companies would exploit that individual … Thank you for reading and the kind comment.


  4. I try to limit the comments on your backed-up posts, but this one… this one…
    I’m caught between faith and denial, unsure whether it was coincidence or the result of some cruel magic. Both possibilities are tragic.
    Lynn, you set the mood and select your words so perfectly…


    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I wondered myself if he really was powering the city or just believed it. Or perhaps the believing caused it to happen … Thank you very much for reading

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