Interview with Writer, Published Author, and Blogger: Lynn Love #interview #nonfiction

Here’s an interview I did for Amanda Eifert’s Mandibelle16 blog. Amanda asked me some very interesting questions about where I find inspiration, my writing methods and my road to magazine publication amongst other things. She’s polished my answers and made me sound positively coherent! Thanks to Amanda for the opportunity to ramble on – it was a lovely experience.


Welcome to another writer/blogger interview.I’m so pleased to share with you an interview with Lynn Love the talented and published writer, author, and blogger. Her Blog is called: World Shamble: Exploring Fictional Worlds in a Blast.

Lynn Love Credit: Lynn Love

1. Please Tell Us About Yourself Lynn: 

Lynn Love, I live in Bristol in the South West of the U.K. If you want to conjure the accent, imagine a pirate speaking and you won’t be far off.  I’ve lived in all four corners of England, though, so my accent is truly mongrel. I blog at Word Shamble: Exploring Fictional Worlds in a Blast.

I’ve also worked as a florist for most of my adult life, so if you need a bridal bouquet — I’m your woman.I’ve been married for twenty-five years this year – which gives you an idea of how old I am! And, also I have one…

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19 thoughts on “Interview with Writer, Published Author, and Blogger: Lynn Love #interview #nonfiction

  1. Hey, Lynn, I’m so proud of you–if I might so express it after only a few months’ acquaintance? Great interview. Though it would seem your childhood loves and your current sources of inspiration are almost the same as mine. Maybe that’s something shared by all (fantasy) writers.


    1. Ah, thank you so much Crispina. I’m very touched. You and I do seem to have a few things in common, inspiration being top of the list! You know, it’s funny but I find many of my childhood interests have carried into adulthood. Now, that either means I’m consistent or stuck in a rut! Thank you for your support and encouragement 🙂

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  2. This is a great interview, Lynn; good questions, excellent answers. The tone is perfect; you paint a picture of an up-and-coming author – not a single blot or smudge. One day I will glance in through the window of Waterstones (bleedin’ corporates) and see your first novel alongside the big names. And although I make it a practice never to buy pristine new novels, I’ll buy yours.

    Thank you so much for the mention – I was gobsmacked. I’m honoured to have my maverick blog listed as a favourite xx


    1. Thank you Jane. Amanda did such a good job, didn’t she? Well, if I ever do grace the shelves of Waterstones (no doubt at a heavily discounted price along with the rest!) it shall be in part due to your encouragement and support, Jane. For you know you’ve long been my unpaid PR person! And it was a pleasure to mention you – we’ve ‘known’ each other from the very moment I started blogging and I’m very glad we continue to do so x


      1. Unpaid? Oh, so you’ve torn up my bill. No matter – I’ll continue as before. After all, I get at least as much from reading your work as you do from my comments 🙂


  3. As I said on the original post, great interview, Lynn! I’m so happy that you’re making such great progress with your writing — it’s so fabulous, it deserves to be seen and appreciated by the multitudes!


    1. Thank you Joy! You’re very kind to say so, though all such process is slow. If you’d told when I started writing it would take ten years to reach this point it might have put me off! I love it though, so what can you do? Thank you . How’s your writing going? Got any inspiration from your time away?

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  4. Great interview, Lynn. I’m so pleased things are going so well. You are a talented writer, and as Joy said, your writing deserves to be seen and appreciated. 🙂


  5. Hi Lynn! Thanks for the shout-out here, very sweet of you. Happy you enjoy my blog and I sure enjoy yours, and this interview…you go, girl! Bill


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