Crimson’s Creative Challenge #4 : The old school house


It’s quiet now, that clock, that bell that chimed the hours of our young lives away, that ticked the minutes off and struck the hours dead.

Ivy blinkers the windows, clogs the door that swallowed us each morning, that spewed us out just as the best of the day was done.

Here we learned of times tables and the alphabet, of continents and rivers, of brash kings and silent queens. Here too we learned of friendship, of power, of kind words and harsh words, the meaning of betrayal.

The world moves on and the pupils are grown, gone to practice what they learned within school’s rough walls.


What a great pleasure it is to join in Crimson Prose’s Creative Challenge #4. A wonderfully inspiring photograph. See here to learn how to join in.


5 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #4 : The old school house

  1. That sends shivers. It draws such memories of my schooldays. Though my school didn’t resemble this. I thank you for taking the challenge. And for the additional promotion. 🙂


      1. Oh, lots of run-down buildings. Can’t be helped; I live in Norfolk! But I have to beware not to overdo the ecclesiasticals. It’s not that I’m religious, just that I adore gothic architecture and there are so many examples wherever I go.


  2. Loved this, Lynn. You easily capture the atmosphere of school days gone by…and that last line is fantastic; it can be read as innocent or can imply something more menacing, depending on the pupil and what it was they learnt…great stuff! 🙂


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