Three Line Tales: Artist unknown

three line tales, week 153: a lot of paintings

photo by Beata Ratuszniak via Unsplash

All day he crouched, limbs folded tight as a disused easel, eyes on the cobbles, on scuffed work boots and tightly tied Oxfords with leather slick and shiny as glass.

I never saw him look up, never saw him sell a painting or the configuration of brightly coloured canvases change.

He’s gone but the canvases remain, peeled and paled, the gallery of an unknown, unknowable artist.


Written for Three Line Tales. See the pic and write a tale. See here to join in.


15 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: Artist unknown

    1. I’ve seen several in Bristol with similar artworks or so it seems. I often wonder how they make a living as I’ve never seen them sell anything. A thankless way to scrape a living. Thanks for reading

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      1. Maybe it’s in the hope of a commission? Or maybe it’s a way of offering other ‘artistic’ services? A subtle soliciting. Though that idea has only now popped into my head. And I would not to offend any genuine artists by voicing that aloud.


      2. Done that a few years back. But no high paid job, just part of mt duties. I got quite good at writing radio ads. That could explain why I can think on my feet when it comes to short bursts. 🙂


      3. I started a course in it but struggled – not very good at thinking of copy for lawn mowers or kids shoes, it turns out. I should give it another go, try ot earn some cash at this writing lark

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      4. Go where the money is? Tramel your craft? Though with your particular skills I’d say you could be suited to copywriting for sensual women’s market—creans and massage lotion,s and health spas. And chocolate. And flowers, and perfumes and … get the drift. Oh, and that’s another one: exotic holiday locations. 🙂


      5. Ha! Wish I had the chance to tramel it! Sadly, the products you mention sound tempting but – I’m guessing – rare gigs. I think it more likely I’d be ask to write copy for the website of a local plumber 🙂

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