Friday Fictioneers: Through a Glass Darkly

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

On every window pane in every room we found two horizontal strips of black tape, the lower one always slightly wider than the one above.

After two days of packing up my late Aunt’s house, I had to know. ‘Mum, what do they mean?’

My mother trailed a finger over one dark line, muttering, ‘Eyes.’ She stroked the line below. ‘Mouth.’

The house fell silent, as if listening.

‘Mum?’ I breathed.

She tugged her cardigan around her, suddenly chilled. ‘Perhaps your aunt thought if they were blind and mute, they couldn’t hurt her again. Seems she was wrong.’


Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneers. Just sneaked in under the wire for last week’s prompt, but if you’d like to join in there’ll be another picture tomorrow. See here to join the fun.


The title is a twist on both a thriller by Agatha Christie and a collection of Gothic tales by J Sheridan le Fanu.


35 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Through a Glass Darkly

  1. Clever, I’m intrigued! And I’m always a sucker for an Agatha Christie reference. Makes me think it will be hard to sell that house, once the rumors get out…


    1. But they’ll get a lot of viewings – the equivalent of rubberneckers at an accident! Been thinking of expanding this, wondering where to take it. Thank you for reading Joy

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  2. You’ve written that beautifully, Lynn. The detail of the tapes’ dimensions in the first sentence is a potent attention-grabber, and the rest of the story fully lives up to the expectations you have aroused. Kudos!
    BTW the origin of ‘through a glass darkly’ is St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, contrasting our knowledge of God’s kingdom and purposes here in this world with the way we shall know them after death. “Here we see only through a glass darkly, but there we shall see face to face”

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    1. Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment Penny – you are always so thorough in your reading, it’s a joy. I did see the Corinthians reference and should have mentioned it. It’s such an interesting phrase and thought, only seeing the truth hazily. Thank you


  3. Excellent, as ever. Weirdly, my first impression (viewing it on my phone) was that the image was of a white grand piano reflected in a shiny floor, proving that one sees what one expects or merely wants to see. The eyes have it, however!

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    1. Haha! I love how you saw a piano – that’s where your mind wanders. While mine sees a taped up face! Which one of us needs to see a shrink, do you think? Thank you so much Chris 🙂

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  4. Well, that gave me the creeps – in a good way. So very well done. My favorite part is Mother trailing her fingers over the tape. Such a gentle action against the tension. Kudos.


  5. Dear Lynn,

    Better late than never. 😉 This reads like the prologue of a longer sinister story. As always you have me in the moment. Well done.




  6. Intriguing story, Lynn. So in love with how you tell your tales, inspiring the reader to think and imagine. Thanks also for inspiring me to read the books you have mentioned in your note .


  7. Oh, that gives me goose bumps, wonderfully dark. Especially since Mum seems to know exactly what she’s talking about. Eee…


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