Friday Fictioneers: Third Love


First love. Uncle Jack’s red Bugeye Sprite. Seven years old, twisting along the B roads, school tie tugging tight in the wind.

Second love. A black and gold Ford Capri straight off the forecourt. Driving the length of the M1 – Catthorpe Interchange to Gretna – just to see Eileen with the tawny eyes and endless legs.

Third love. A silver Bentley Continental bought with the commission from his first big deal.

Abandoned in Kielder Forest under a Hunter’s Moon. The smell of burnt rubber and oil. The ting of cooling metal. The Moon reflected in a pair of blank tawny eyes.


Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneers. See the pic and write a tale. And what a cracking photo this week. Pop along here to join in.


41 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Third Love

  1. I really like the history of love via cars. There are few of us who can’t name our first and subsequent cars; almost anywhere in the world, the car is still an important life line. The use of “tawny” twice makes me wonder if something happened to Eileen, or if there’s just a play on that word and the lifeless car? Nicely done.


    1. They were certainly characterful little cars, weren’t they? Was it a favourite of your dad’s, or just too clapped out to drive safely? Thanks Josh


      1. More typical of my dad what’s that he blew it out and it sat outside in the yard for 15 years. At one point he gave it to me but then he took it back. I got to ride in it but I never got to drive it.


  2. Super story, well constructed and realised. You showed his priorities very pointedly by contrasting the love for the cars while Eileen just had tawny eyes and endless legs (I love tawny as a description of her eye-colour). The black and gold Capri was the John Player Special model, if I remember correctly. A bit of a bad boys car! Clever you, trading on its connotations!


    1. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment Penny. Glad you picked up on his ‘love’ of the cars, whereas poor Eileen doesn’t make the list. And well spotted with the JPS! My stepdad had one, wrote it off the first day he had it, cutting off part of his ear in the process. A bad boy? Perhaps at the time 😉 Thanks so much for reading and the lovely comment


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