Serial publication: The People’s Friend

Susan’s life is falling apart.

Her village museum – what remains of her family’s estate – is on the verge of bankruptcy, the folly her late father so loved derelict and crumbling. Susan’s son is about to leave home for university and the relationship with her mother, Barbara, is under strain as stories from the past resurface.

Yes, all is not well in the village of Kingsbarrow.

Until Susan meets a tall, sandy haired archaeologist with an interesting proposal …

I’ve been very fortunate in having another of my stories accepted by The People’s Friend magazine. This one is set in the rolling hills of Derbyshire, involves family secrets, painful home truths and a tumble down folly that our heroine finds hard to part with.

The first part of the three part story is due out on the 15th June and the story is called “The Secret Of Kingsbarrow Folly”. The other two parts are out on the 22nd and 29th of this month.

And coincidentally, whilst searching Pixabay for an image to illustrate this post, I found the above – a picture of Solomon’s Temple, my home town of Buxton’s own folly in the Derbyshire hills. Whilst not as picturesquely derelict as my invented Kingsbarrow Folly, I couldn’t resist including Solly’s.

If you love a folly as much as I do, Dinton Folly in Buckinghamshire was the inspiration for Kingsbarrow. It has since been renovated – see here for the transformation.

6 thoughts on “Serial publication: The People’s Friend

  1. And once again. I must congratulate you. Another one published.
    I confess I’ve never been tempted to buy People’s Friend. I know it’s been on the ho for yonks; I remember both my grandmothers used to read it. Which is why I’ve never been tempted. But, 15th, 22nd and 29th June could well see me buying copies. Gotta support our friends, and I’m curious, and I like follies.
    I lived for four years in the shadow of one, atop a wooded hill, seen only in winter. Local legend claimed it the remains of a convent, and the nuns were reputed to haunt our quite newly-built houses. Being the spoil-sport I am, as soon as I discovered the truth of it, I countered the legend with the truth. Though I expect the nuns still haunt those houses.
    Well done, Lynn


    1. How brilliant, living near a nun-haunted folly – even if it wasn’t! I do love a folly too – something fascinating about a building erected just for fun, frivolous though the idea is. Lovely spaces though. Thank you, Crispina, for your support 🙂

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  2. Felicitations, Lynn, acceptance is such an affirmation of your skill and appeal as a writer! Let’s hope this is the start of the slippery slopes towards fame and fortune…


    1. Thank you Chris, you’re very kind. TRD manuscript is with a proof reader as we speak, so once I’ve worked through her advice, I’ll be looking for an agent – heart break and disappointment await! In the meantime, there’s another serial to pitch for the mag, so at least I’m keeping busy. All the best to you

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