Crimson’s Creative Challenge #52: The world turned on its head


The ground was autumn-crisp with leaves despite the heat. The oaks along the rivers’ edge black fingers, bare as winter.

‘Not right,’ muttered Clem, knocking the underbrush with his boot.

A fir cone tumbled through the dead leaves and came to rest against a fleshy crescent of Maid’s Bane fungus. Bluebell spikes shivered.

‘World’s turned on its head,’ said Clem.

The sheepdog, Tab, looked up at his master, uncertain.

Gramma Cora – all gums, mottled scalp and whiskers – had told tales when Clem was small. When winter takes summer’s hand, when spring lifts her skirts and dances autumn’s jig … He frowned how did that old rhyme end?

Tab came suddenly to heel, his flank quivering against Clem’s leg.

‘What is it, lad?’

A feather of snow fell on the back of his neck. Soon the ground was white, the air a haze.

‘The Final Winter shall fall,’ he whispered.


Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge. It’s a pleasure to join in this week to help Crispina celebrate a year of CCC. Do visit here to join in – it’s huge fun.

11 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #52: The world turned on its head

  1. I like how you’ve picked up on the incongruous spring greening yet the carpet of autumnal leaves, and a suggestion of summer’s glint on the horizon… yet the mist chill to the air. And you’ve tied it up with a credible countryfolk’s saying. I nod. Excellent.


      1. My pleasure! You always manage to capture the beauty in those fascinating organisms, the fact that they seem neither quite vegetable, quite animal, their mysterious nature. If I could really name one after you, I would ๐Ÿ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I thank you, Lynn. They were the first life on Earth. Okay, maybe not the absolute first, yet they underpin all later development, a vast network that holds it all together.


      3. I only realised recently how important fungi are to plant growth – Monty Don is always sprinkling a fungal powder over plant roots on Gardeners World. Helps the plant develop and grow strongly. There was a BBC Four programme about fungi The Magic of Mushrooms a few years ago – fascinating.

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