It’s Book Week Scotland this week and what better way to celebrate all things Scots and bookish than by buying the first two novels in Iain Kelly’s State trilogy. I admit, I haven’t read the second book ‘State of Denial’ yet (it’s on my Christmas present list!) but if it’s anything like the first book, it’s a cracker. Put ‘Iain Kelly’ in my Search box to find an author interview I did with Iain back in January this year.

Iain Kelly

book week 2019
Here in Scotland, it’s time for the annual event called ‘Book Week Scotland’.

It’s a week to celebrate books, reading and literacy. Schools are heavily involved, local councils and libraries run a series of special events. The whole thing is run by the Scottish Book Trust, a national charity ‘that believes books, reading and writing have the power to change lives.’

The big name authors and bestsellers dominate of course, with invitations to appear at talks, book giveaways and promotions, but it’s also a chance for other Scottish writers to promote their work. So if you need a reason to give my novels a shot, this week is the perfect opportunity!

Both ‘A Justified State’ and ‘State Of Denial’ are set in an imagined future country, which is only ever named as ‘The State’ in the novels. Those from Scotland will recognise the geography and some of the places immediately…

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