Friday Fictioneers: Sparkle

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

All existence was slate to him now.

The pressing clouds. The lake veined with ripples and reflected woodland. The lawn, preserved in ice. His own body – heavy, cold, grey. Even his heart felt sluggish, the beat glacial slow.

A flicker out on the water caught his eye. A glow – soft as candlelight – danced towards him. The ice, the sky, the dull, flat water, all shimmered gold and silver, sparkling.

A sigh of music, a sweet song of family from long ago, caught on the breeze and was gone. Through tears, he reached towards the light.

And was home.


Written for Rochelle Wisoff’Field’s Friday Fictioneers. Write a story based on the prompt photo, share, read others and enjoy. See here to join in.

40 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Sparkle

  1. Wonderful as ever, Lynn.
    This made me think of Arthur waiting by the lake (whose name I don’t recall) for the barge to transport him to Avalon.
    But your reality is better.


      1. Haha! Love that you’re obsessed though. It’s what makes you, you. Yes, nice here. Days off, a lovely Christmas Day itself and lots of time to work on the new novel idea, which I’ve truly cherished as I’ve become a tiny bit obsessed myself. Got a couple is serial ideas to write for the magazine, but part of me just wants to write this novel now. I’m getting snatches of dialogue, the odd scene or two taking shape. Excited by it. What are you doing for new year?

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      2. I celebrate Solstice, my New Year is done. Though if I’m still up and awake I shall open my windows and hope we’ve enough ships in port that their hooters will evocatively bring in the New Year. Doesn’t always happen, the port is no longer thriving, and mostly the ships moor closer to the mouth.


      3. I’m not in the habit of celebrating Solstice, though I should. It’s so much more significant in real terms to our planet, to nature, than a man made construct like our current New Year. The Solstices are the real turn of life and new beginnings. I shall have to retrain myself

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