Crimson’s Creative Challenge #60: Diversion


Culvert is the name I have chosen.

Over the weeks of my recuperation, as my bruises faded and bones mostly healed, I considered alternatives – River, Brook, Flow… Shimmer had a certain ring. But Culvert. Culvert fits.

Three months ago, I stepped into the shallow waters as one thing – a good but conventional mind, a man who looked both ways at an intersection, had cut sugar from his diet, paid his taxes.

Hours later, I was dragged out… Changed. Now red lights are a challenge to my sharpened reactions. Dietary advice I leave for those who need it. And taxes… Well, let’s say, any tax collector only visits my office once.

My time in the water diverted my old self and something new was built over the top. The babbling brook that was me is still there, buried under new, hard layers.

Culvert is here to stay.


Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #60. See here to join in.

24 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #60: Diversion

  1. I’ve always liked that word too. Nice to see you on a new challenge, and like the creepy aspect for sure.


    1. Thank you very much Bill. It’s a good word and suggests darkness and hidden things, which seemed appropriate for the character. Hope 2020 so far is treating you well

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  2. Brilliant. Once again, a photo I hesitated to post for the challenge cos of its grimness. And yet it’s yielding some interesting stories. I shall have to bear that in mind when choosing photos in future.


    1. Well, you know that I could turn towards the grim, even if you gave me a photograph of daffodils in sunshine… It’s a pic loaded with mystery and possibilities, that’s for sure. Thank you for the kind words, Crispina

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      1. I snap anything that looks interesting, and always have. In the days before digital I kept myself in free toiletries, plus christmas presents for all, by taking my films to Boots to be developed and earning all those loyalty points. Ha, since digital, I’m lucky if I’ve enough for a tube of toothpaste once every six months.


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