WARNING! The Spinner has escaped…

My dear blogging pal, Crispina Kemp has her five book series, The Spinner’s Game, available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle now. It’s a hugely imaginative fantasy writ on an epic scale. I can only recommend you order yours now before they skitter away!

crispina kemp

The Spinner has escaped the web and is wandering the pages of Amazon worldwide!

While all five books of The Spinner’s Game, in both kindle versions and paperback, will be available from 21st March 2020, the kindles are available for Pre-Order.

When asked what she rated as the worst part of producing these e-books and paperbacks, the author Crispina Kemp answered, “The upload to Amazon process. It took an age.”

As might be expected when loading not one, not two, not five, but what amounts to ten books in one fell swoop.

Wizard! Crispina remarked in a self-congratulatory mood.

All books can be accessed from Crispina Kemp on Amazon

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3 thoughts on “WARNING! The Spinner has escaped…

  1. Thank you so much, Lynn. And now everything’s in place on Amazon and on Goodreads, I can give my attention to the business of marketing. Again, I thank you.


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