Crimson’s Creative Challenge #65: The old man and the oak


It was spring, the oak leaf buds still sticky brown, tightly furled, the branches a clearly visible fan.

‘Easier to climb,’ muttered Shiv.

Min perched above him on the lowest branch, her feathered head cocked to one side, as if wondering why he didn’t just fly up as she had.

‘Alright,’ he called. ‘Don’t stare. This ain’t gonna be pretty.’

The first section was the worst, as he searched for footholds and handholds, found some too narrow, the perfect ones always too high. The ascent was slow, Min darting above, waiting, darting, Shiv feeling his way below her.

Finally he reached the platform of twigs and pulled himself up. Panting and grazed he slumped down on the edge of the nest.

No eggs lay there, only tiny shoes, hats, woollen gloves, a toy car. Moss and lichen furred some, others were clean. New.

Just as he had been warned.


Written for Crispina’s Creative Challenge. Use Crispina’s fab photograph as inspiration. See here to join in.

I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but those are definitely eyes, right? And once you see that, you see the crest on its head, the lower curls that might just be wings.

By the way, Min is a mynah bird.


13 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #65: The old man and the oak

  1. You know, I’ve often watched birds laboriously hop up a tree and wondered why it didn’t fly. I thought it was gathering flies and grubs along the way.
    Though I’m not 100% certain you’re talking of birds. Pixies, elves, fairies… 🙂


    1. Wow! They must be ten a penny to you, Violet, but is live to see a raven. Only seem the ones that are kept at the tower of London and they have their wings clipped. Thank you so much for the kind comment – very generous of you

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