Stop Press: The Spinner’s News

Crispina Kemp’s mythic fantasy series, The Spinner’s Game is now out in print as well as ebook and don’t the covers look beautiful? Crispina is garnering 5 star reviews on Amazon and has a feature on The Writing Magazine site. Truly deserved

crispina kemp

Okay, so I’ve been sitting on this for a week, so it’s not really “Stop Press” news. But anyway…

Last Tuesday the books I had ordered from Amazon arrived. The full set of The Spinner’s Game


These are my gift to Shen, my daughter, whose ear for the past two years has been thoroughly bent and assaulted by me talking about the Spinner, and Kerrid, and the plot, and the edits and… you get the picture. Moreover, she’s been there since the earliest conception of the Spinner.

But before I let the books slip through my hands, I took some photos (see below).

And now for the second news item

UK’s Writing Magazine has chosen The Spinner’s Child to promote on their Writer’s Online site. O Yay! See it here!!!

And finally, Amazon now features a 5-star review of The Spinner’s Child


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