Short story published on Horror Tree

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Between them, Abner and Farley sum up Pale Horse – lean and tough, cruel and greedy. This place bonds people, whether they want it to or not. The summers are short, the winters are long. The strong look out for each other and the weak … Well, there are no weak left… 

Such is the town of Pale Horse, the setting for my ghost story, published on the Horror Tree site as of yesterday.

Let those of you who don’t have the stomach for gore be assured – you’ll find nothing but creeping dread in Pale Horse.

And by the way, Horror Tree is a fantastic site for those of us who wade in dark shallows, full of interesting articles, fiction and writing opportunities. So do hop over and take a wander and read my story here.

I’ve been away from the blog a few weeks, finishing the first draft of my current WIP. Well, the draft’s done (81,000 words – hurray!) so I’ll hopefully be around here a bit… at least until it’s time to rewrite!

Take care, all.


19 thoughts on “Short story published on Horror Tree

  1. Congrats on finishing your WIP! I’m currently in the editing process on one of my WIPs as well, and I can’t wait to get started on writing my next one proper. All the best in your writing endeavours!


    1. Thank you, Stuart. Yes, it was 81,000 words in ten weeks which is probably the most I I’ve written… Ever. Stepped away for a couple of weeks so I can go back and rewrite with fresh eyes. Best of luck with all your writing too


  2. Stunning piece, Lynn, as good a ghost story as I’ve read in living (or dying) memory.
    I couldn’t see how to post a comment over there, sorry.
    And keep on with your magnum opus, that is something I won’t miss.


    1. Aw, thank you! So chuffed you liked it. Originally written for a competition that it didn’t get placed in, so I lost faith in the idea for a while. Fortunately, the Horror Tree has restored my faith 😀. Thank you, C. That means a lot


  3. I recently found a some back copies of The People’s Friend, and amongst them were three which contained a serial you wrote. I asked a couple of neighbours to read it. They were impressed. I’ve just read the short story you linked to this post, and it’s my turn to be impressed. I realise The People’s Friend is a step in the ladder – and it pays cash – but Pale Horse has reminded me yet again of how much you have to offer. It’s dark, it’s atmospheric, it’s pure Lynne Love. I love it!


    1. Hello, Jane, lovely to hear from you. And thank you for that glorious comment – you made me smile so much. I do like writing for the Friend, but the style and content are very different from what is usually write for myself, you’re quite right. Pale Horse is much more me, really. I’m so very happy you liked it. Hope you’re all well – have you been keeping busy gardening? I’m back at work next week with all the social distancing in place, which will feel very odd indeed…

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      1. Hi Lynn, sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I’ve been rushed off my feet, what with the gardening and the fact that certain people have discovered/remembered that I can do such things as crochet and upholstery. The Oxfam shop has reopened, and I’m working there two days a week. Even though there is so much to do in the shop, being there feels like a holiday! I hope your return to work went smoothly, and that you’re safe and well xx


    1. Ha! No, you’re right, much faster than I was expecting. Just got in the swing of it I suppose. Taking a couple of weeks off before the first rewrite and I’m really looking forward to fleshing out the story, which bodes well. Any news your end?


      1. Yes! I’m really excited to get back to it, though know I have to stay away for at least two weeks – how long a breather so you give yourself to regain some objectivity? Sorry to hear you’re lack of news. Nothing here either, tumbleweeds all the way… 😒


      2. I can never stop myself going back over it straight away, reading quickly just to satisfy myself I haven’t done any of the usual major bloopers like resurrecting the dead, changing season in the course of a day, renaming characters etc etc. Two weeks away would be ample then I think to forget a lot of the twists of the story and for it to sound fresh and exciting. That’s the idea anyway.
        You neither? If you want a pair of eyes on the new one, let me know. I have my mythology expert reading the one I’ve just finished and have another story sketched out. Before I launch into that and start querying the new one, reading something completely different would probably be a good idea.


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