If you go down to the woods today…

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Once upon a time…

I’ve not been on WordPress for a long old time, but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up writing.

At the start of the first lockdown here in the UK, I decided it was now or never for me to write the supernatural novel I’d been planning for a long time. But to do that, I’d have to stop my deliciously all-consuming blogging habit. So that’s what I did, went WordPress cold turkey. It was a wrench, but at the end of those three months I had a shiny new first draft. Alright, it was a ramshackle threadbare, ugly first draft, but it had one huge plus – it was finished.

And of course, once I’d done one draft, I had to do another, and another. And then I was invited to contribute to one anthology, then out of that came another, by which time that ramshackle first draft had become a slightly-less-awful second draft, an even-better-than-that third draft, and then I was sending my lockdown baby out on submission, hoping it would be noticed by some stunningly wonderful literary agent. Hoping, but not assuming of course, because the chances of getting signed are a thousand to one…

Then last November my thousand to one chance came in. I’ll share the full story of my road to representation another time, but I now have an agent – the amazing Susan Armstrong at C&W – and I’m currently sculpting that malformed creature of mine into something rather more beautiful.

So, what does a would-be author need, but somewhere to peddle dark tales, twisty thoughts and ghostly whisperings. Below is the link to my new author website where you’ll find the usual meanderings down unlit corridors and details of my critique services.

If you write spec fiction, women’s fiction or literary and need fresh eyes on your work, click the link below. I’m open to other genres (though not children’s fiction, sorry) but message me first so we can decide if I’m a good fit for you.

Or you can just hit Subscribe and wait by your inbox for news, updates and more shaggy ghost stories.

And we all lived spookily ever after…



11 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today…

  1. Congrats Lynn. Good for you. You should pop off a Fictioneer story and link this to it. I, myself have bought several books from writers in that group. I am reading one now , as a matter of fact.
    Ghost stories aren’t my typical cup of tea but I’ll subscribe anyway. The book I am reading now is dystopian fiction, also not my cup of tea, but it’s the third in a trilogy and I will have read them all as soon as I finish this one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Dawn! How lovely to hear from you. And thank you for subscribing, despite it not being your genre – really appreciate that. I had thought of popping over to FF to see how things are going there – I still get Rochelle’s notifications every week. Hope things are good with you and thanks again


  3. Congratulations, Lynn, my all-time favourite Fictioneer (well, apart from Sandra, maybe!) and a lady I am happy to call my friend.
    I knew you were better than the rest of us (well, apart from Sandra, maybe!) so I am delighted that you have made the breakthrough.
    Well done, and big hugs.

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    1. Hello, C! How lovely to hear from you. Thank you so much. You always have been so encouraging and supportive of my writing and I always appreciate it so much. And your own story alleyways are always a dark delight to read too. I have made a bit of a breakthrough, though plenty more obstacles to climb yet. And thank you so much for subscribing to the website – if you weren’t across the Channel, I’d hug you. So you’ll have to have virtual ones instead. Thank you again (and you’re absolutely right about Sandra – she’s amazing) xxx


      1. Always a pleasure and a privilege to read your words, Lynn, both your fiction and your warm messages. I’ll bank that hug!


  4. Congrats on it all, Lynn! The new website, getting an agent, and maybe, most of all, having the discipline to pull away from WP to get done what you really want/need to get done. You are a fantastic writer and you deserve to be published. Rooting for you!


    1. Thanks so much, Walt! It was a wrench at first, but I’ve drifted towards other platforms and have kept myself busy with other projects. Lovely to be back, lovely to dabble. I just can’t be posting as often as I used to! Hope you’re well


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