**Editorial Sale**

Image: Couleur, Pixabay

I gave her my little story and she handed me back a novel…

Shauna McEleney

The leaves are falling, the nights drawing in.

But there’s something about shorter days and the swelling darkness – that desire to huddle inside – that draws stories from us.

Do you have a short story you know just needs a polish before you send it out for a competition? Is your novel finished but you’re unsure if it’s good enough to snag an agent or publisher’s eye? Are you self-publishing and need feedback or editorial advice?

I can help your writing shimmer.

She helped my manuscript shine and made it much tighter. I have no doubt this helped me gain an agent in the querying trenches. 

Caron McKinlay, The Storytellers

I’m offering 1/3 off all critique packages if you book before the end of September.

Visit my website and let your imagination soar


6 thoughts on “**Editorial Sale**

  1. Lynn Love! Greetings lady and best wishes to you and yours! Sending you beams across the water my friend…look forward to reconnecting more this month! Bill

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    1. Hi Bill, how are you? Nice to see you here. Best wishes to you and yours too. Drifting in and out of WP and trying to write in between. What are you up to? Best wishes to you and yours too, Any plans to return to the UK anytime soon? All the best

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Lynn! Drifting sounds about right, good word for the coming and going with WP. Happy to see you again! I’m great thanks. Kind of the same and not you know. No plans for the UK yet but will keep you apprised if we do! Just back from Germany for first time in 4 years, had a superb visit with my mom. Wishing you and yours well and let’s keep in touch as we get into fall! Best, Bill


      2. I hopped over to your site and saw you’d been to see your mum – hope all is okay with her. Has it been four years? Wow. That flew by and yet didn’t, if you know what I mean. Ah yes, autumn – your favourite time of year! Mine too this year – couldn’t wait to be free of the sun and the heat this summer, though the cold will have its issues with the cost of power here now. Scary times. But let’s think of leaves and that golden light and writing by candlelight! Keep well

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      3. I love that call to leaves and golden light and writing by candlelight, amen to that Lynn! Enjoy the remains of your Sunday my old friend.


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