Wednesday Word Tangle- Crash! Bang! Wallop!



Mr Agrioli, I really must insist we get on with my inspection of the circus.’

Nigel proffered the plate of Garibaldi biscuits and summoned his finest cod-Italian accent. ‘But-a Senore Manessone-‘


‘Si, Mag-nu-son, you have not tried-a Mama’s squashed fly biscuits. A great delicacy, no? Ze finest in ze whole of Sicily.’

Well, the finest he could pick up from the local Aldi, anyway.

Just then there was a crash from outside the tent, followed by muffled curses, the snap and thwack of ropes and a large splash. Nigel smiled, trying not to flinch as the clunk of boots joined the slap of wet canvas.

Mr Magnusson stood up quickly, catching his bowler hat on a low slung washing line, pinging socks into the air like so many doomed trapeze artists. One flopped softly onto the brim of Magnusson’s hat, the toe swinging coquettishly. Nigel tried not to stare.

‘What was that?’ asked Magnusson, pointing towards the source of the noise.

There was a disturbing fizzing and hissing from somewhere nearby. Nigel braced himself just before a loud bang shook the ground. The tent walls shivered, dust rattled the roof and there was a crump followed by a volley of thumps as if a large tree had just flattened a Big Top. There were several minutes filled with screeches, yelps and roars, punctuated by the occasional rustle and one rather comical boing.

Nigel gently placed the plate of biscuits down on the table, straightened his Ring Master’s top hat, smoothed the front of his waistcoat and bowed to his guest. ‘Shall we go and inspect the damage?’ he asked, gesturing towards the tent flap.

Dumbly, Mr Magnusson nodded.

As they stood gazing at the destruction, there was a muffled moo from somewhere to his left. Mr Magnusson raised a questioning eyebrow.

‘Daisy,’ said Nigel. ‘Very reliable milker.’

Over the drip of falling water and the pop of broken glass underfoot, Nigel asked, ‘Am I to assume you won’t be issuing us with a Health and Safety certificate?’ To Mr Magnusson’s stunned silence, Nigel just nodded sagely. ‘Sometimes I think I should’ve stayed in town planning.’


Today’s Wednesday Word Tangle is brought to you, not by a single word but by a whole collection.

Onomatopoeic words– what fun you can have with them and how tricky descriptions of sound would be without them!

Here’s to Kittykat-bits and bobs for the inspiration for Wednesday Word Tangle