Micro Bookends: the bedpost tattoo


The bedpost tattoo

Under the leer of a new moon, she watches Guy sleep. For hours, he’s lain blue-lit by the moon, gold-lit by her torch.

Memories fall through her mind like knives, murdering each old, fond thought. Her fingernails once scratched at his bicep as she counted and recounted the notches on his bedpost tattoo.

He laughed – swore, ‘no more women, baby, not since you’.

Finally, he groans, disturbed by the torchlight or his own dark thoughts. He twists, rolls over, arm thrown up to cover his face.

The torchlight shivers as she counts…

As she runs through the cold, cruel half-light, he is transformed, renamed. No longer Guy, but Faith-taker.

Another week, another Micro Bookends challenge. This time, we had Under as a starter and taker at the end. Maybe the whole word – Undertaker – inspired me, beause both of my entries were … towards the darker half of existence. Just to make a change, eh? Oh, and the photo prompt was of a tattooist, so maybe that helped!

For more flash-based fun, tune in tomorrow, when I have a lovely snippet of news to share. 🙂