Weird Christmas Podcast

Yes, I know.

I can hear you all muttering. Bonfire Night was only a couple of weeks ago. The scent of gunpowder lingers, back note to the usual autumn perfume of mulch and dozing hedgehogs. You’re still fishing spent fireworks out of your fish pond and your lawn’s not yet recovered from an over-enthusiastic fire that was lit to bake potatoes and melt marshmallows and almost led to next door’s shed going up.

And here I am adding to festive sofa ads, towers of Quality Street tins clogging the supermarket aisles and your smug friend telling you how she’s already bought and wrapped all her presents.

Yes, the season of legitimised breakfast alcohol and all things sprout and raisin is weeks away, yet over at Weird everyday is Christmas, as everyday is seriously weird.

I recently found Craig Kringle’s site through a writing competition – came for the Weird Comp, stayed for the Victorian cards featuring dead robins.

Craig also has a podcast and today I found this gorgeous early festive treat – Santa is a Hallucinogenic Mushroom. Santa, shamans and fly agaric fungi in one post, just fantastic.

Enjoy. And a Merry Weird Christmas to you.