FFfAW: For a pair of crinkly eyes


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan for our photo prompt!


‘Nice one, Tom.’ Annie’s feet were perished, like she had frozen fish fingers in her boots instead of toes. ‘Good … cross.’

Was she saying the right thing? Tom looked the other way every time he ran past her, so she guessed she was making a fool of herself. Truth was, she knew more about quantum physics than she knew about football and what she knew about both she could etch on a grain of rice.

But since his dad left, Tom needed someone to shout for him. Even if that someone was clueless.

‘Hi. You’re Tom’s mum, Annie, right?’ He was tall, attractive in a crinkly-eyed way.


Crinkly Eyes smiled. ‘I’m Carl. Tom’s new coach.’

‘Oh, hi.’

‘You’re very … enthusiastic.’

Suddenly all of her felt warm, even the fish finger toes.

‘Maybe I could tell you what’s going on in the game?’ Another crinkly smile.

Annie wondered if he knew much about quantum physics.


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