FFfAW : Green for danger

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Jade Wong. Thank you Jade!


‘Hey, Doc, what was that word again?’ Sergeant Foley walked ahead, slashing at the vegetation with a machete, his breath coming short and sharp through the helmet intercom.

Carl stepped cautiously over the fallen creepers. ‘Bioluminescence,’ he said. ‘Mind these vines – the barbs are sharp enough to pierce flesh.’

‘Bioluminescence,’ muttered Foley. ‘Like glow worms, right?’

‘Right. And don’t split the pods. The sap can pass through the protective membrane of your suit, cause hallucinations, fainting, fits …’

‘Phew-wee! Why’re all the plants here so damn unfriendly?’

Carl was tempted to say that though no animal life had been detected as yet on the planet, there must be … something the plants needed to defend themselves against. ‘We haven’t worked that out yet,’ was all he said.

Foley stopped, the machete dropping heavily to the ground. ‘Hey. Look at the bugs, Doc. Like tiny flying skeletons …’

‘What bugs?’

The arm of Foley’s suit radiated green, bright as a glow worm in the darkness.

‘Oh, crap,’ whispered Carl.



Written for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction fo Aspiring Writers. See the pic and write a tale. See here to read the other stories and to join in.