Micro Bookends – Flash, ah-ah!


Fear hits him like ice water.

Together they’ve performed this trick a thousand times – hearts tripping, swift as trapped mice.

Today, the audience are bewitched. Her arm brushes his; her crushed rose scent consumes him. He loved to inhale her – now sweet rose mingles with rotting teeth.

She lays her neck, pale as the moon, on the stock.

He removed the safety blocks from the frame after the dress rehearsal. There is nothing left but to raise the blade and watch it fall.

The audience fidgets. She shifts, uncomfortable. He trembles, drops her note – her discovered secret – in the basket.

‘… one stolen kiss sent my soul flying …’

There are a lot of flash fiction sites out there. A dizzying number, enough to turn a girl’s head.

But last week I discovered Micro Bookends. Each Thursday, the site posts two words (last week it was fear and flying). The challenge is to write a story of between 90 and 110 words within 24 hours. You have to bookend the story with the given words and include a reference to the picture prompt given.

It’s a big ask and really, really hard if you’re unsused to such small word counts, as I am. But if there are a huge number of flash fiction comps, there are a larger number of talented people and the quality of the entries is scarily high. Last week’s winner – by Marie McKay – was a cracker. Read the top three and honourable mentions here.

Above’s my own entry – not mentioned, honourably or otherwise. Despite my lack of success and being totally overshadowed by some terrific writing, I’ll have another crack and will share the results here – you lucky people!