How to murder lack of self-belief


Image: Pixabay


Do you have a burning desire to write but think being published is something other people do? 

I felt like that for years.

People who eat chips and sausage from their laps in front of the TV don’t become writers do they?

People who wear tie-dyed leggings, glug too much vodka and orange on a night out and live in grotty one room flats with mushrooms growing out of the window frames because they can’t afford to live anywhere dry with only a minimum wage coming in – those people don’t become writers, do they?

People who didn’t revise for their exams, who had to quit college before they were thrown out … These people don’t get publishing contracts.

That’s what I thought, for decades. And though I still only have a few publishing credits to my name, something has changed.

Alright, one thing that’s changed is I now have enough writing practice under my ever-expanding belt to be able to string a reasonably coherent sentence together – just .

The other change?


My third blog post for Mslexia – How to Murder Lack of Self Belief – is up and live on the site now.

Pop along to see how I did the deed.