How to stop worrying about not earning a living from your writing




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You there!

Yes, you, skulking at the back behind the stack of half-finished novel manuscripts, the mountain of mouldy coffee cups and the dogeared copy of On Writing.

You with the mole-like eyes, squinting into the sunlight as if you’ve been hiding in a cave for the last month.

You with the calloused fingers worn to nubs, the hunch and the haunted look as if you’re hearing the voices of a whole cast of characters other people can’t.

You’re a writer, aren’t you? Thought so.

Let me ask you –

Do you earn thousands of pounds every year from your writing?
Do your books top the New York Times bestsellers list?
Have your stories been adapted for film, turned into multi-million dollar, block-busters, viewed by every nation across the planet?


Then you are part of the 98% of authors who DON’T make a good living from their writing.

Depressed but still want to write?

Be depressed no more, my hunchback, moley, squinty, fingerless chum.

Just pop along to the Mslexia blog, where I will cure you of all your money worries.

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.*


*Please be aware that satisfaction in this product is in no way guaranteed. No refunds.

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