Wednesday Word Tangle : How prevaricating helps me to write.

And the winner of the Odd Town Name Competition 2015 goes to ... Image: Pixabay

And the winner of the Odd Town Name Competition 2015 goes to …
Image: Pixabay

Always put off until a week next Tuesday what you could’ve got done and dusted today.

This has been the motto of my life. To say I have a cautious personality is an understatement.

I’ve been working in floristry for nearly 23 years and have been thinking of a career change for at least 17. Yes, I KNOW it’s a lovely job.

If I had a puppy for every time a customer (usually female) has said to me

It must be sooooo lovely to work with flowers all day

I’d have bred my own bloodline by now, have developed a new breed – I quite fancy a Doberman/ Chihuahua cross, a Doby-hua-hua – and be living in a rambling kennels, just me, the dogs and a selection of firearms named after characters from Frasier – my favourite being Daphne the blunderbuss.

How could I deny it’s a nice job? That would be like saying chocolate isn’t good for the soul and Pringles are easy to stop eating once you’re started. (Seriously, what do they put in those things? Do they test savoury snacks for their crack content? They should.)

But … The job isn’t for me anymore. I’ve gone as far as I can go in it. I need a new challenge.

So, do I rush to hand in my notice? Do I apply for other jobs, push my career envelope? No. I don’t.

You see, I’ve made myself a rut. It’s taken me decades to develop, smoothing the edges, carving the hole until it precisely fits me. And I tell you something – it’s damn comfortable. It may be restrictive, blinkered, a self-made trap, but it’s safe and it’s mine.

I’m terrible about doing anything outside my comfort zone. I’m not talking about white water rafting or sky diving – you’d have to pump me full of sedatives first and even then, I’m pretty sure my subconscious would know what was happening and I’d fight, claw and bite my way to freedom, even when asleep. If people can kill in their sleep, I’m sure I can stop myself from dropping out of a plane at 14,000 feet.

To be fair to myself, I’m not a total loser. I dedicated six years of my life to gaining a degree and I’d gone off education at the age of fourteen when I discovered lager and that boys did things with girls other than using them for penalty shooting practice. And writing can take you out of your comfort zone, as I found when I did a public reading for my writing group.

But maybe this is why the life of a writer suits me. Sitting at a laptop writing all day, thinking up characters and plots is well within my comfort zone – it’s just a case of getting the ideas out of my head, of putting onscreen what had for years, stayed in the soft fleshy folds of various cortices.

As a person who naturally puts stuff off, who shies away from the new, the daring, the other, the Wednesday Word Tangle word of the day is


I’d like to nominate this word and the actions that accompany it to my own personal Room 101, where it will be shredded, stamped, crushed, pulverised, and finally swept into a fiery pit, consumed by the flames of self-confidence, destroyed forever, never to raise its wishy-washy, namby-pamby, life restricting head again.

Well, maybe.

Definitely tomorrow.

Is there anything you’ve put off that you wish you’d done years ago? Or do you rush into situations when you wish you were more cautious? 

* Interestingly, the word comes from a Latin root meaning ‘straddle’. Not sure if that’s relevant, but it is interesting.

Thanks to Kittykat-bitsandbobs, the founder of W4W