Dear Deirdre: Twitter Virgin seeks advice on whether to stray

Other small, chirpy blue bired are available Image: Pixabay

Other small, chirpily irritating blue birds are available
Image: Pixabay

Dear Deirdre,

I don’t usually write to Agony Aunts – their trite, condescending, outmoded and ill-conceived advice usually has me ranting in a very special ‘Mummy’s about to have a coronary’ sort of way I usually reserve for politicians and anything linked to Rupert Murdoch no offence. But I’m in a quandry and I really need your help.

First let me explain.

Blogging was my first social media love. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into the relationship – regular posts, commenting on other blogs, trying to do whatever I can to keep my stats healthy – and its repaid me with introductions to other bloggers and writers and to worlds and experiences I might never have known. Blogging has broadened my horizons and I adore it for that.

I just want to make it clear, I love my Blog and would never dream of leaving it for other social media.

In the beginning it was lovely, each new ‘like’ and ‘follower’ was wonderful and I didn’t look for anything else. But even though I was happy, something inside me craved more. I soon began to wander.

The truth is, I’ve been flirting with Facebook for some time. It’s just a casual thing really. Okay, so I get a lot of love from it, considering the little effort I put into the relationship – I send it posts, but they’re all links passed on from my blog, sloppy seconds if you will. It’s not that I’m ungrateful to Facebook, but there’s only so many photos of other people’s kids in fairy costumes you can see before you start to get a little jaded. I guess Facebook just shows me that I don’t have much of a life and who wants to be reminded of that everyday?

I want to keep Facebook, but I want to stray further, to something a bit more risky – something dangerous.

I’ve been thinking of it for some while, but the idea scares me. What if I get in too deep? What if I attract the kind of attention that’s cruel and cutting and wants me to do things I’m unprepared for? Yet still, the thought is exilharating and I wasn’t sure I could resist much longer. Then the other day, I finally did it.

I joined Twitter.

The idea of being amongst all of those people, of being exposed, of being a little out of control – of doing something so out of my comfort zone – is exciting and terrifying at the same time. So far, I’ve only signed up, but already, Twitter is bombarding me with emails – why haven’t I Tweeted yet? Do I even know how?

I thought being on Twitter would spice up my Blogging relationship, but I’m worried it’ll just leave me feeling dirty and used. 

Deirdre, please help me. I don’t know which way to turn.


Virgin Tweeter.

P.S. If I decide to indulge in full blown Tweeting, will I need a Safe Word? 

Well, Deirdre’s been useless.

In her reply, she kept going on about contraception and respecting yourself when what I really wanted to know was as a writer/blogger, is Twitter a useful way to connect with potential readers?

Is there an online course a la WordPress’s Blogging 101 I can go on? The instructions I’ve read in the Twitter ‘Help’ section read like stereo instructions translated from Mandarin into English, then into Korean and back into English- indecipherable.

And is putting up with the inevitable river of hate and bile worth it?

Tell me what you think.