FFftPP # 20 : A little diversion




‘Coming in for coffee?’ Her stilettos swing from one hand, she gestures inside the flat with the other.

I’d hoped to hear those words all evening, since I’d spotted her across the room gulping champagne like it was lemonade. Alcohol is my right hand man – it helps make these little diversions so much easier. Conscience pricks my chest, a spark of chivalry fighting the greed.

But I’ve always been a greedy man.

‘Sure.’ I  follow her inside.

The shutters are open. I’ll have to close them, block out the world so we’re truly alone.

She trips, hand slamming the wall. I’m at her side – the attentive suitor.

‘You okay?’ My arm encircles her tiny waist. ‘Maybe you should lie down.’

She looks up. Something’s wrong – her eyes are sharp, angry.

‘So arrogant.’ Her words are knives, tearing into me.

A jolt and the room cracks, ceiling and walls splintering into a million shards. Bitter cold pierces my lungs, frost crackling over my eyeballs. Arms flailing, I grab for her, for the window, for anything to keep me in the world. But it’s too late.

The last thing I see – her pouting lips blowing me a kiss.



Written for Roger Shipp’s FFftPP. See here to play a long.