Love Nudge Competition. Thursday: Security


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Welcome to Thurday’s Love Nudge Competition, Day Four. So, still enthusiastic about this love affair, or wishing you’d stayed single?

We’ve moved on from passion and left jealousy far behind. We’re in our comfort zone now. We’re settling down, getting mortgages, picking out shower curtains … buying ovulation kits. Who needs a social life when you have an Ikea catalogue? What could possibly go wrong?

Today’s Love Nudge word is


Poetry, prose, elegy, elevator pitch, whatever you fancy- pop it in the comments box or leave a link to your post.

Take a look here for the rules and happy writing.

9 thoughts on “Love Nudge Competition. Thursday: Security

    1. Well, that’s what it’s all about! That feeling that only comes when you know someone well enough to completely trust them, when you know the only thing you’ll find there is safety. Lovely stuff 🙂


  1. Security ~ Inside the office, the lovers were unwrapping themselves when the door crashed open. In came the young man, heaving at them the heavy potted plant he’d used to smash the door knob. They separated, and dirt and porcelain exploded on the floor between them. She was backing towards the window. The young man charged and pushed her through. She screamed as her back broke the glass and she tumbled towards the sidewalk below.

    The young man turned to the instructor, wondering how long they had before campus security arrived.

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    1. This is great. Is this the same young man who turned his lustful, obsessive eyes on the girl in class? Love the way you’ve continued the story through the prompts, so we can see how this obsessive, jealous love unfolds. This ends badly for all involved, it seems. Is the girlfriend dead? Will the tutor soon folow her out of the window? Thanks again 🙂


      1. No, not you at all – I was just checking so I knew I had it straight. Just catching up on comments, so sorry this is so late. Saw you’d written some more, so looking forward to seeing how the story ends!


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