Poetry Tuesdays: The Children’s Panel

Little girl in a garden

Image : Pixabay


Greetings and welcome to Poetry Tuesdays. Don’t worry, I won’t impose my own deformed haikus or mangled iambic pentameter on you. I’m going to hand you over to a guest who’s much more experienced and eloquent than myself.

Her name is Maureen Cullen, she’s a fine poet and an old writing group pal of mine. Last week and this, I’ve featured Maureen’s poetry on the run up to a reading taking place soon – details below.

One small note: Maureen’s beautiful words are written in Scots dialect and there may be some you’re unfamiliar with. My advice is go with it – it’s gorgeous, lyrical stuff and you’ll get the gist, never fear.

Now, here’s Maureen.

These are two poems from work in progress about my protagonist, Maisie, who is a child in foster care who is subsequently adopted and then, as a young adult becomes interested in her roots. The poems follow her as she grows. 16 other poems from the collection have recently been published as part of Primers, Volume One, a collaboration between The Poetry School and Nine Arches Press, featuring myself and three other poets, Geraldine Clarkson, Katie Griffiths and Lucy Ingrams. We will be reading from the book at The Albion Beatnik Bookstore in Oxford on 11th July . If you are in the area we would love to see you.

The book can be purchased at:http://ninearchespress.com/shop.html#!/Poetry-Books/c/8486213/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc







hunker ower

ma papers,

two baldy heids an wan


wi loops

like her curlers ur still in.


The mockit auld men

whisper tae Her,

the Lady Chair


whose pointy pink ears


tae the scratch

o her claws on the table.


Ah count tae ten,

an back again,

get tae three, afore the



o Chair Lady’s

full stop.

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