The smile that reaches her eyes


Image: Pixabay


‘The house looks great.’

He smiles nervously, waiting for my response, to see if I’ve taken the comment as praise or as a criticism on how it looked before the decorators came.

‘Thanks,’ I say, smiling widely, making sure it reaches my eyes, something I’ve been practicing in the mirror. Something I’ve got really good at.

He looks relieved. I’ll let him have that moment, knowing he won’t have many more, knowing Sam is waiting with a hammer.

There’s a moral to be learned here – never tell your scorned wife the contents of your will.


Written for Nortina’s Moral Mondays. See the moral – this week it is MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL – and write a post in 100 words of fewer. Play along here.

16 thoughts on “The smile that reaches her eyes

    1. Ah, thanks Jenn. Yes, I’m surprised anyone shares the contents of their wills these days, their so often used as ammunition for murder – in fiction at least! I’m intrigued to know what your green powder was – did you have something in mind?

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      1. I know, I wouldn’t tell anyone. Or I’d leave it all to charity, lol.

        I was thinking the green substance was antifreeze. I watch a lot of true crime shows and I hear people use it a lot because it has a sweet taste. They always get caught though.

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      2. It must be hard to poison someone these days without getting caught – science has come on so far, most substances can be detected. Saying that, I remember hearing that most food is toxic in large enough quantities, so if you could persuade someone to eat their own weight on chocolate … I’m thinking this through way too much 🙂

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      3. Ha! That’s true. I also remember hearing about all the toxins in the products we use everyday as well, like shampoo, hand soap, etc. That might be the way to go, lol.

        Well, I’m a chocoholic so if anyone wanted to kill me it wouldn’t be too difficult 🙂

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      4. Hmm, might take a while to kill someone by shampoo absorption – I don’t think it’s workable. I’m a bit of chocoholic too. Maybe we should keep that piece of information to ourselves 🙂

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