Sunday Photo Fiction: Chop and change



When Vicky first met Adam, she thought he had potential.

Okay it was midnight at Frankie‘s nightclub and pre the smoking ban, so the fug was thick enough to cut and she was wearing beer goggles so strong they should’ve come on prescription. But Adam stood out from the crowd.

First off he didn’t seem to be sweating Carling like his mates and when he asked her to dance he didn’t talk to her fake tanned cleavage. He was well turned out too, shoes so polished she could see Stacey Burns being sick in the reflection.

It wasn’t until they started going out that Vicky realised how much work he needed. And the more they went out, the more imperfections seemed to float to his flawed surface – the more she reviewed her exes finer points.

If only I could give him Darren’s teeth. Swap his thighs for that cyclist I was dating back in uni. And if he had Stu the lifeguard’s chest …

The day she imagined Adam with her old English teacher’s head, she knew it was time they finished.

Plenty more Creatures out there to experiment with …


Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. See the pic and write up to 200 words to go along. See here to join in and to read the other tales.


44 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Chop and change

      1. Is it really? I must’ve always seen the more scholarly editions… I might actually do it sooner rather than later then. Good to know! Pleasure. Creepy poem tomorrow!

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      2. My copy’s only a paperback and maybe it doesn’t have the scholarly notes some editions have – and maybe the print is so tiny I’ll need a microscope to read it. Looking forward to creepy poetry 🙂


      3. It’s up now! Enjoy. Yes sure, of course. I’ve worked in a campus bookshop so any classic that doesn’t contain a shedload of notes is a rarity that’s all. Not being a snob, I promise! 🙂 I’m sure you have a magnifying glass in the cabinet of curiosities.

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      4. Read and left a comment 🙂
        I do have a magnifying glass that came with some study materials from the OU years ago – resembles a monocle, which I think will suit me very well 🙂

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      1. Usual stuff from criminal minds. He was replacing his brother who died by trying to create the perfect body to oust him. Someone’s leg, another leg, a perfect torso, and the head of another caring brother (of somebody else). It was an interesting story.

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  1. Potential!
    They say that men want their ladies to stay forever the same, whereas women want men they can change.
    Although Vicky does seem to be a tad extreme.
    Delightful tale, superbly structured, expertly developed, written with your usual style and elegance.

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    1. That sounds about right – maybe that’s why a lot of chaps trade their wives in for a younger model as they reach middle age? And why women can be so naggy!
      Thank you, C, glad it seemed okay to you and thanks so much for the feedbakc and for reading 🙂


    1. Haha! They’re still out there is you know where to look. Just go down to any city centre on a Sunday morning and follow the blood trail. Thanks for reading Steve 🙂

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    1. Well, I can take no credit for Adam – it’s what the Creature refers to himself in Shelley’s Frankenstein. And of course ‘Vicky’ was a feminising of Victor. All my ideas are stolen! Thank you so much and I’m glad it made you chuckle. I’ve known a few Vicky’s too, poor misguided creatures …


    1. Thanks for the amazing comment, Keith! And sadly, I think Vicky would find fault in any man and will end up settling for someone and spending her life trying to remake him. And she will make both of them really unhappy in the process, I suspect 🙂 Thanks for reading and the kind words


  2. There are always other creatures in the… Wait, where do you go get creatures? In the woods? Yes, dark scary woods sounds right. Or maybe a spooky mansion used as a mad scientist’s lair, if you can find one. 🙂 Funny story, Lynn!

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    1. Oh, you virtually fall over this kind of creature – nip down to the nearest club on a Saturday night and they’re shuffling around, moaning, spewing umentionable fluid from every orifice. Better beware

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