What pegman saw : Yaya’s secret


My yaya’s house was the brightest spot in the whole colonia.

She painted the walls turquoise herself with a balding brush and though it had grills on the doors and windows like every other house, the gaps behind the iron were stuffed with pots of trailing vines and geraniums and spider plants that tickled my wrists when I reached up with the long necked watering can. Plaster toucans and parrots roosted on the first floor, nodding to smiling suns and moons.

Her living room was snug, cluttered with clasp-handed Virgins, candles and crucifixes, each object draped with cloths or doilies or tied with the florists bows she saved from bunches of gladioli and coxcombs Uncle Arturo brought her each Sunday.

Upstairs, though, behind knotted satin drapes the colour of cayenne pepper, was a mystery.

‘Es un secreto,’ she would say, kissing my forehead with feathery lips.

So it stayed until the day she passed away …


What do you think yaya’s secret was? Rude, lewd, romantic, violent or just plain bizarre? Let me know what you think and maybe we’ll get a sequel.

Written for What pegman saw, the hugely enjoyable writing prompt using Google Streetview – this week, we’re in Mexico City. See here to join in and to read the other tales.





24 thoughts on “What pegman saw : Yaya’s secret

  1. I vote for just plain bizarre! Like that you’re bringing in your floral eye here into your writing, ha…the paragraph 2 is lovely and dense, like her house. Looking forward to a sequel Lynn!

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    1. Thanks Bill. Yes, couldn’t help myself but try and identify some of the plants outside the house! I have an idea of what yaya has been up to – and it has a touch of the bizarre about it too. A sequel may well be on its way 🙂


  2. You captured the feeling of this so beautifully, Lynn (but then you always do). I really got the flavour of the house, of the wonderfully stuffed rooms and the secret. Hmmm, what could it be? I think maybe a collection of vintage gowns in a dressing room, from a former life as a cabaret star…

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      1. Oh you’re very welcome! You painted a picture of her so well, I just saw that as something she might have done in her younger days. I think it might have been the ‘suns and moons’ that inspired me, for some reason. Whichever way you write her story, I’m looking forward to reading it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. She’s an interesting lady, either way. Funny how characters just appear in your head sometimes. With some of them, I can almost believe they exist somewhere in the world. Thanks again Helen 🙂

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