What Pegman Saw: A cosmic levelling

Image: Google Street View

The call came just after eleven pm. She let it go to voicemail.

‘… I wasn’t able to get to a phone before now. You know how it is…’

The table was still set for two, the candles burned to black grease. At least the wine hadn’t gone to waste. She teetered out onto the veranda, glass in one hand, cigarette smouldering in the other.

She’d never liked sharing, not since she was a little girl. Back then it had been dolls and slices of black cake she’d kept to herself. Perhaps this was payback for her childish greed, a cosmic levelling.

Sipping her wine, she watched the flames enveloped the house they’d both loved, the house he’d want for his next family.

Never was good at sharing.


Written for What Pegman Saw, the prompt that uses Google Street View as its starting point. This week we visit the Dominican Republic. See here to join in.


Black cake is a Caribbean recipe I’ve never tried but that sounds rather amazing.


22 thoughts on “What Pegman Saw: A cosmic levelling

  1. I like your protag’s motivations. I can get with that. As to black cake… I’m guessing it’s made with molasses, or with very dark sugar… elsewise, it’s one of my mother’s and as usual, is burned. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah, why not take the lot with you rather than letting a younger model enjoy your home? πŸ™‚ Some recipes for black cake seem to have molasses, others not, but all have a lot of dried fruit and loads of rum!


      1. I did see I’ve recipe with molasses – seems to be a lot of variation- but with or without, it looks like something is love to eat! Very Christmassy vibe. If course, you’d be dozing off through the Queens speech afterwards… πŸ˜‚

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    1. That’s so true, Josh. There’s so often a tragic story in the news along the same line, often with people taking lives and not just property. Thanks so much for the comment


  2. Interesting character, here: I can relate while also being repulsed. I can’t decide if I side with her, that she’s been wronged too many times and I can understand this destructive outburst (although not condone it, my goodness). Or if I feel sympathy for him – not the presumed cheating, but the indication that he’s been dating a selfish psycho, and apparently has horrible instincts for people. Or if these two deserve each other, and will now go on to terrorize their next partners, and all I can do is warn any decent folk away from them both!


    1. Ha! I love your analysis – how very true of both of them. Clearly neither are people you’d want to spend much time with. I can’t work out of she’s really gutted at losing him or just doing it out of spite. Either way, they both walk away losers. Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment, Joy. Hope you’re well – how’s the bubble?


  3. Heaven forbid she just walk away… No man is worth so much effort!
    And I love your descriptions of the scene… you do that so very well!


  4. When you hit me with that last line, I gave an incredulous chuckle. That’s a really funny punchline in the blackest of black ways! Beautifully written, as always.


  5. Dear Lynn,

    I couldn’t help myself. I laughed out loud at the last line. Not good at sharing indeed. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Personally, I liked her style. Well done as always.




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