FFftPP:Close the Circle



She heard voices beneath the crash of the waves, whispers in the hiss of popping foam and spray. She’d make me listen, hoping to see the spark of recognition in my eyes, and turn away disappointed when they stayed dark.

Nervous of the answer, I’d ask what she heard.

‘Close the circle,’ was all she said, face aglow as if a ball of buttercups were pressed to her chin.

My instinct was to smother her words – hasten the oncoming silence – but my hands were cowards, cradled in the nest of my lap.

When they found her, she was all circles – a halo of bladderwrack wreathed around her throat: full moon eyes fixed on the sky.

Spine curled like an ammonite, she’d returned to the sea.


Written for Roger Shipp’s FFftPP. See the pic, include or allude to the quote and all in 200 words or less. Good fun – do join in.

9 thoughts on “FFftPP:Close the Circle

  1. There is a lovely tension here …. created by the carefully chosen words …. “My instinct was to smother her words” …. this line, really is so powerful in expressing the need to crush what is not understood …. great write! 🙂

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      1. well aren’t you glad you have? prompts are a fun way of exploring all kinds of topics and stretching the creative wings 🙂 and of course, running around reading and sharing thoughts …. definite bonus 😉

        have a great one 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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