Friday Fictioneers : One tear lost in the river



‘You sure this is the place?’ asked Valdez.

The hotel’s corrugated iron roof was rusted and dripping dingy rainwater into the river. A sign above the door was feathery with curling paint.

The boatman nodded, palm open.

At the reception desk stood an elderly lady, her grey hair whipped into a bun, head tilted towards a radio. A waltz crackled from the speaker.

‘Senora Martin? I’m a police officer. I need to speak to you about your son.’

She looked up, revealing one pearly cataract. ‘He’s dead?’ She smiled, a single tear falling from her blind eye.


Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneers. See the pic and write a tale and don’t forget to read and comment here.

What do we think Senora Martin’s son did to make her smile at his passing? Answers on a postcard please. Alternatively, you could just comment in the box below, which is a much better idea.






52 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers : One tear lost in the river

    1. Thank so much Susan. I’m wondering too – I guess I had in mind a murderous son that the world is better off without, but maybe she’s just an awful Mum! Thanks for reading


  1. As usual, your descriptions are wonderful…. I can’t help but wonder what could possibly make a mother smile at the passing of her son… unless she is in that place because of him…

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    1. Yes, could be, Dale. I suspect there are a handful of parents in the world that will feel relief when their child passes – relief for the world or themselves. A tear may still be shed though. Thank you for reading

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  2. He’s caused her grief, but he was her son after all, hence the smile overlain by the track of a tear. Maybe he was involved with drug cartels, or a militia, or was a callous murderer on the run. But I’d like to imagine she might have put out a contract on his life …

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  3. The big question—what had he done? My first thought was he had been abducted and she was pleased to find out at last that he was dead. Then the fact that it was the blind eye that cried made me think that it was the opposite, that he had gone to the bad and only blindness to his character made her weep. Either way, good story.

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    1. Thanks Jane. Yes, the blind eye could well be the one she turned as he was committing his crimes – perhaps she’s crying as much for her own guilt as for him. Thank you for reading and for the suggestions! 🙂


    1. Ooh, yes could be. I can only think that horror has trailed him – true horror. I can’t imagine why else she’d be glad. Thank you for the kind comment Penny


  4. I guess she is tired of waiting for her son and has probably spent many a night wondering if he is alive or dead. That a policeman has come asking for her probably after a long time or for the first time might have made her feel that she could finally go to sleep in peace, knowing he was somewhere, if not there.
    Wonderfully written, Lynn. I wish I could learn from you.🙂💕

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    1. I suspect you’re righ, Moon. It’s almost a relief to know she doesn’t have to wonder hwere he is or what he’s doing. Thank you for the very kind comment, though there are much better, more successful people you could learn from. Thank you for your kindness though x


  5. sad that she would smile- but as I read your comment to Dale I got it a bit more – some kids are bad….
    and victor hugo once wrote something about how the one thing worse for a parent than the death of a child is to have that do extreme evil in the world.
    so sad.

    oh and chilling description: one pearly cataract


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