What Pegman Saw : Second smile

Image : Google Street View

Dari and Purl’s first kiss was under those trees, the New Year’s Eve Purl was sixteen. Their last was two or more years later under the same trees, sun blazing down, pricking the sweat from Purl’s skin like she’d been caught in a storm. She was crying that time.

This was where Sunny learned to ride pillion and where he got that scar like a second smile on his chin. Fell off the back of the Honda. Told Dari not to try wheelies.

It’s where we smoked – away from our parents, too far into the maze of tenements for the police to find us, to quiet for the gangs to bother.

It’s where they found Purl the New Year’s Day she would have been nineteen. Lying on her back, staring up through those self same trees, her throat cut like a second smile. And she had a lovely smile.

I wonder where Dari is now.


Written for What Pegman Saw, the writing prompt that uses Google Street View. This week, we visit Mumbai. See here to join in.

19 thoughts on “What Pegman Saw : Second smile

  1. Hey, look, it’s cold enough without you causing more shivers with your shiversome tale.
    However, I have to say a big like; as ever, elegantly written.


  2. What a gruesome type of smile that second one is. Wonderful choice of details and descriptions to set the mood and paint the history of these young people who grew up too quickly.


    1. Thanks Joy. Yes, I took a grim turn this week, didn’t I? No one wants to be a character in my stories – bad things happen ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you felt the details worked

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Penny. Sadly, murder is at once extraordinary and shocking but also mundane and ordinary, as are the killers. There are few psychopaths out there, more ordinary people committing heinous crimes. Thank you so much for your kind comment


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