What Pegman Saw: Forever Change

Image: Google Street View

The island speaks of forever.

Rock the colour of a whale’s back. A fathomless sea that leaps into the sky, swallowing the horizon .

Everything is as it has always has been and I want to be part of it, lie in the waves, let the barnacles clump my skin, the worms burrow into the warren of my bones.

A dash of red draws my eye, the colour so bright it hurts. The colour of pillar boxes, of telephone kiosks and buses, of change.

I want to be alone with the sea, but the colour grows, becomes a girl in a red dress. She battles her hair, the skirt that tangles round her calves. She bends, plucks shells from the whale’s back, tucks the stolen treasures in her pocket.

She smiles as she passes, the shells jingling, that smile pulling me back to life, the possibility of change.


Written for What Pegman Saw, the prompt that uses Google Street View. This week we visit Guyana. See here to join in – it’s a fantastic prompt, so do come along.

23 thoughts on “What Pegman Saw: Forever Change

    1. Thank you, Crispina, you’re very kind. Not sure what drew me to write it – where do these ideas come from, who knows – but glad you felt the surreal edge, it was something I was aiming for. Thanks for reading and for the kind comment

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  1. Dear Lynn,

    Why is it, no matter how many time I go to the beach, I have to collect seashells? This piece is nothing short of beautiful. Your writings are always such a treat.



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    1. Thank you so much, Rochelle. Glad you liked it. I’ve been trying to work on my prose, so glad you felt this worked. And I can’t help but collect shells too. Perhaps we want to capture the pleasures of visiting the sea and take them home with us. Thank you again


  2. What’s not always mentioned in comments (certainly they’re rare in respect of my remarks) is how poetic your language can be, especially when we’re not blown away, distracted by the twist in your tale. It’s certainly the case here—I won’t quote any particular examples because the whole is just exquisite.


    1. Chris, what a dazzling comment that is! You’ve made me smile. I’ve been trying to polish my prose recently, not necessarily aiming for anything poetic, just aiming to get it clear and specific if you know what I mean. Just thinking more deeply about what I write and what purpose it serves. Anyway, thank you. How’s your own writing going?


  3. So exquisite. Loved “A fathomless sea that leaps into the sky, swallowing the horizon”–it captures the image so perfectly. I’m prone to stealing treasures at the beach myself, although I never looked at it that way until now!


    1. Thank you so much Karen – what a lovely thing to say :). Yes, it’s too hard NOT to take at least a tiny shell or pebble, isn’t it? We want to steal away some of the magic of the sea, perhaps, keep it with us while we’re landlocked! Thanks for reading


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