People’s Friend Serial Publication

Image: Niallskinner Pixabay

Snow falls over the Cornish village of Torre, blowing along the narrow alleyways, drifting against the door of the Free Traders Inn. Up on the clifftop, Torre Point lighthouse winks over a churning grey sea, keeping its secrets close. 

Young Tilly Coaker asks if a man can be hanged when no body has been found while her aunt Blossom visits the Quiet Woman. At Torre Point lighthouse there’s an ocean of dirty laundry and the contents of an old trunk makes Tilly’s heart beat just that little bit faster …

The second part of my People’s Friend serial is in this week’s issue and available to buy now.

Thanks to all for your kind support.

11 thoughts on “People’s Friend Serial Publication

    1. Thanks JM! They’ve been a pleasure to work with I must say. And the fact they’re one of the only remaining weekly publications in the UK who take fiction is brilliant for any short story writer. Thanks again


  1. Hi Lynn! Loved reading that interview with you in the Friend. Nice to get more of a glimpse into your process…thanks for sharing! I can see where physical setting is such a crucial part of your inspiration, it really comes through in your flash fiction. And good advice, re: getting feedback from people you trust. Best, Bill


    1. Aw, thank you for reading, Bill! Settings are often the inspiration for me, before character really. Snow-blown lighthouses, tumbledown follies, the London Underground – all have inspired Friend stories. And yes, good feedback is essential if you want to improve, isn’t it? We none of us want to be hurt by someone saying our writing isn’t any good, but if we don’t grow a thick skin, we can’t improve and I always want to do that. Thank you so much for taking the time to read 🙂


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