Friday Fictioneers: Rainbow

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

They called the new baby Rainbow.

To anyone who asked – and plenty of those who didn’t – Kate would say it was because they wanted their daughter to be bright and colourful, to be a symbol of hope, connected to both the Earth and the Heavens.

Mike would stand behind his wife, smile and nod.

What he couldn’t add was that after Kate’s drink driving conviction, her brief imprisonment and lengthy counselling, after her affair and his decision to take her back, the baby was a symbol of calm after the storm.

The sole remaining, ephemeral connection between her parents.


Written For Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneers. See the inspirational photograph and pen a story. See here to join in.


55 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Rainbow

  1. Great take on the prompt, wow! Love the symbolism here, the idea of a rainbow — which has no mass, no substance– being a tie between two people, beautiful and yet holding no weight. Your story makes me wish, for all three of their sakes, that they will forge a stronger bond out of the ashes.


    1. Thank you so much Joy. As soon as is thought of the symbolism of the rainbow, I had to run with it. And we’re seeing a lot of rainbows here at the moment – on my regular exercise walks, I’m seeing dozens of them in windows, all drawn by young children during this lock down. It’s becoming a symbol of hope, of unity, of a brighter future I suppose. Thanks so much for reading.

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      1. I hear that the children in our extended neighborhood are doing that too. It’s one of the draws to getting up the courage to go out for a real walk. Although it occurs to me that I won’t be able to see the rainbow drawings that well, given my limited vision — and I don’t want seem like some burglar creeping up onto their front lawns to get a better look, oh my!


  2. Dear Lynn,

    To say nothing of Kate’s colorful past. Love the story. So much written between the lines with your knack for the description. Lovely.




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