Crimson’s Creative Challenge #73: What Sunny found.

CCC #73

The note led Sunny to a clearing in the woods, to a shipping container half concealed by ivy and brambles. If it wasn’t for the stencilled letters and numbers, it could be something from a fairy tale, home to a sleeping princess.

Once she’d cleared the growth from the door, sweat darkened her top and her arms were lacy with scratches, threads of blood.

She stared at the block of metal, wondering why. Why someone had sent her a note telling her to come. Why she’d obeyed it.

The sun was dropping lower, midges rising from the grass. Time.

She pulled the lever. The bars squeaked, turned slowly, rust catching on rust.

‘Come on,’ she muttered.

With one last tug the mechanism released. An animal smell – ancient and rank – hit her along with a wave of heat. She swallowed, tried to ignore the call to vomit.

‘Oh, no,’ she sighed.


Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #73. See here to join in.

Now, why did Sunny follow those instructions – something unresolved from her past, her present? What did she find in the shipping container?

Do drop me a line telling me what you think.


10 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #73: What Sunny found.

  1. It seems obvious to me that she followed the instructions because, like her creator, she is incurably curious, a characteristic of most of the very creative.
    Written with your usual captivating artfulness, Lynn.


      1. Ha! Well, it has been days… Though I really am one of those who watch mother people’s body language in restaurants, you know those couples who barely speak to each other through the entire meal? Fascinating. And I’ll always listen in to conversations on the bus


  2. One wonders what animal… or person… has died in that metal box. A loved one, a child, a horse? You cleverly leave it to us to fill in the details. Well done.


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