Moral Mondays: An ocean wide and dangerous.

Old luggage

Image: Pixabay


He travelled in steerage, though his coat was clean, cuffs neatly turned. Amid strings of laundry, the stench of brine and fights over brandy and women, he sat oblivious, reading Byron, Keats, Donne, spectacles perched on the bridge of a nose sharp as a puffin’s beak.

Timidly, he shared an abraded image – a younger man, also neat, also dark, handsomer than my companion. The handsome man had travelled for his fortune but the Klondike had swallowed him, leaving nothing behind but his brother’s memories.

The ocean may be wide and dangerous – but it seems blood is thicker.


Written in response to Nortina’s Moral Mondays and what a cracker this week! It had me winging my way across the Atlantic to Ellis Island, following a shy man on the quest for a loved one.

To join the fun, be inspired by the week’s moral and write a 100 word story. Full rules here.



8 thoughts on “Moral Mondays: An ocean wide and dangerous.

    1. Thank you – and thanks for the great prompt! Yes, I’m tempted to continue this man’s story – if nothing else, just to see where that wayward brother of his disappeared off to 🙂


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