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Gold winners trophy

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Back in April, I entered a short story competition run by Writing Magazine. For those unfamiliar, it’s probably the biggest selling writing magazine in the UK, aimed at aspiring and professional authors.

I’ve entered a lot of their competitions over the years – I could wallpaper my spare room with the submissions they’ve rejected – and only been shortlisted twice, once for a short story and once for a novel extract.

The notification period for this one came and went and I experienced my usual emotions, telling myself it was fine not to have won – no, really, FINE – analysing why the story was bad, why my work wasn’t sodding good enough for those darn picky judges – again.

Then an email plinked into my inbox – congratulating me on my competition win.

And you know what, instead of being delighted, chuffed, bowled over my my own skill and talent – I assumed the email was fraudulent and forwarded it to a writer friend for a second opinion! 

Well, my loves, the story did win and has now been published in print and online – the link’s here for all who want a few minutes’ read. May I recommend making an event of it – perhapes fetching a nice cup of something hot and a biscuit (a Penguin for that retro feel, or perhaps a chocolate Hobnob for you dunkers)?

It feels like quite a milestone, after submitting to the magazine so often. Seeing the story there in print and reading the editor’s comments online was the most delightful thing I’ve experienced since I started writing.

And for those in the UK who want to feel the paper in your hands, do rush to your local WH Smith’s and buy a copy (October issue). Even if you don’t like my story, the rest of the mag is very good.

Happy reading all.

P.S A public thanks to Maureen (whose glorious poetry you can read here and here) and Jackie (a wonderfully talented short story writer), my writing group pals, without whose advice and feedback the story would not have won.



37 thoughts on “Writing Magazine competition win

  1. I just read it, and congratulate you for it again. This is a wonderful story that stays with the reader and brought tears to my eyes. I’m going to repost this. 🙂

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  2. That’s super Lynn! I’m not surprised, though I can understand why you were, after being conditioned so long to expecting rejection. I’m happy for you, and looking forward to the read. Bill

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  3. I am SOOOOOOOOO thrilled for you Lynn! I loved the story and also the judges comments beneath it.
    You deserve this so very much and I truly hope it is the beginning of lots more success for you.
    Remember me when you are casting your fist book turned movie – I want to be your assistant! (Don’t care who the character is, we must have Jamie Dornan on the casting couch, ok?)
    Seriously though… Go celebrate and be proud as punch of yourself!
    K xx

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    1. Thank you lovely! Well, I fully expect the next short story I write to be rejected, but such is the way with writing 🙂 Thank you – and never fear, Jamie Dornan will ever be at the front of my mind. In fact, I have a role just for him … 🙂

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  4. You wanna get yourself some Bourbon Biscuits to celebrate, best of both worlds, chocolate AND dunk-able. Very pleased for you, long time coming! Judges are picky aren’t they? Congratulations! ❤

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    1. Thanks Pola! Yes, the Bourbon – the ideal choice 🙂 Yes, comps are difficult as it can take a while to work out what the judges want. Thanks for the congrats – you’re very kind

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    1. Thanks so much, Sammi.You’re very kind. On rereading, I liked bits of it – the end section worked better than I remembered. But some bits read a bit clunky. But then, I think that’s ever the way – you always feel you could improve on stories. Thanks for reading 🙂

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  5. Hi Lynn,
    Congratulations. The story is a delight and looks brilliant in the magazine. I’ll be keeping my copy to hand and in a safe place on my Lynn Love shelf. There will be plenty more to add. The judge’s comments are super too.
    Enjoy. And keep them coming.

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    1. Thank you so much, Maureen. I confess to buying spares, so I can read one copy, send one to my Mum and keep one nice and pristine! The judge’s comments were gratifying, though a shame I think they’re not included in the mag anymore. Thanks so much as always. Take care 🙂


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